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I want to high five a so called buyer in the face

… and then the buyer came back seven months later demanding for free revisions for a gig a that was marked as complete. I tell him that this isn’t a revision and he has to place a new order. The buyer feels upset that he won’t get free cookies and begins to yap that support will be on his side. The thing is that even PayPal won’t be on his side if six months pass why would support listen to him. We go back and forth with the same :poop: of I will give you more work. I don’t need more work from a person who will pop up months later asking for changes. How would you deal with such a person? Does your resolution center have a slap option?


I don’t have a solution for you, but I agree: from a common sense standpoint 6 months far exceeds the reasonable length of time a person can go and then ‘change their mind’ about something. I look forward the conversation below.

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There should be no revisions due if the buyer marked your order as complete. At that moment the buyer decided the work delivered meets his expectations.

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Why are you worried when the 6 months have already passed? No, they don’t have a slap option.

I would tell him that it’s not free revisions for life. Then I would ignore him.


If definitely needs one. I just ignore people like this. I have real estate agents who buy a promo video and come back weeks and months later to ask that I change the listing price or insert some new property pictures which they have had taken. I’ve even had a buyer turn up 6-months later saying that they need their video text changing to French.

It’s not even worth sending anything more than a sorry but you can’t help message back. If you do, you will just get bombarded with more insanity.


@cyaxrex @rankinfinite @anon17757046 @misscrystal @megmclachlan What I figured is that the buyer used the video and after the whole motto of what he was going for changed, he thought that he could get things up and going by asking me to edit the video for free. I told him that the price doubled since he went away and that he had to pay the whole price for a new video


I took a workshop once for teachers, and the presenter said that anyone tries to talk you into doing something you do not want to do, you should “give them glass.” In other words, say no more than “No.” If you explain why you are saying no, then it gives them something to use as a counter-argument." So give them glass, just say no.