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I want to improve my first gig

Hi Sir,
Welcome to my profile, its my pleasure to work with you. I am expert Engineer , i can do pdf to autocad/ autocad to pdf. I will do it in good manners and deliver it on time. Just i want to get good reviews and build good relations.
I am very thankful to you if you gives me a chance.


Hi @zia00001,

Don’t get me wrong, but software-based translations won’t take you anywhere. Do you really think buyers will believe you speak all these languages you claim you can translate?

Languages (taken from your gig)

  1. French - English / English - French

  2. Chinese (Simplified) - English / English - Chinese (Simplified)

  3. Dutch - English / English - Dutch

  4. Italian - English / English - Italian

  5. German - English / English - German

  6. Korean - English / English - Korean


Yes dear you are right but i have friends who are working with me from different countries, we are working together on projects.

Suggest you do not address as dear, mate, brother, sister, etc. as lots of people don’t like it and it will put many buyers off.

If you are going to use Buyer Requests check this out:

How To Get More Orders From Buyer Requests! .... Simple Tip!


Ok Thanks actually i am new here so i will take care next time

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That’s not what you gig description says, it says that you can translate. Your gig pictures say the same, that you will translate documents, not a team of professional translators.

Plus, your gig description is full of mistakes, and that would lead buyers to believe that any translation they receive from you would be full of mistakes, too.

Overall, it definitely looks like you’re offering software-based translations (and like you could at least find better software).

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Ok if it is not good i will delete it
thanks for reply