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I want to improve my gigs!

Can you please help me improve my gigs ?

In "I will create animated stickers or emoji"
“for any of your need” could be “for any of your needs” or otherwise reworded.

In "I will draw isometric objects map icons"
“for you to get your any purpose served !” could be reworded. eg. you could say “for any purpose.”.

In "I will draw isometric objects map icons"
you could change “if you want graphics…” to “If you want graphics…” (upper case I as it’s the start of a new sentence).

In the profile some gig images are getting cropped due to the aspect ratio (if it was more like 1.619:1 they’d be cropped less).

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Thank you so much for the corrections :slight_smile:

I didn’t find this though…

About images, I recently changed for my pixel art gig and it was totally disappeared from search result and I had to request CS to re index it to get it back so I am little afraid of doing it now…
( mainly when I changed my primary image )

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It was in “I will create real retro pixel art” not the gig I said, sorry.

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