I want to Improve my selling


I want to get at least 10 orders daily. Can it possible?

If possible please suggest me how to improve my business


Of course it is. But at first you need to learn and find the way to more get exposure for your Gig.
Every category is different, try to check other Gigs out, the ones that offer the same service as yours to get ideas


How many orders a day are you getting currently?


Unique your gig images.


First one is your main fiverr site profile photo, the second one is your forum. Why are they different people?

You could start being truthful.

You could market your gigs on social media.


Search for buyers via Requests menu. It’s the most obvious and first thing that sellers normally do. Use your daily request limit to capacity, and send great proposals to others. Secondly, be patient and dont give up. Fiverr can go on a lucky streak for you overnight, so just do what you do best.

PS: You are selling social media related services etc. which is already a very competitive niche here. Try creating other gigs as well.


you have a typo on your MAN package, last word it says bookmar
shouldn’t it be bookmark?


only 1 but not daily


yes. it will be bookmark but there is a problem if i want to fix it fiverr will Denied my GIG
previous time i faced same problem :cry:


@loydbanks thanks for your valuable service


@miroslavglavic first time i used my sisters photo then i changed it to mine.
so how can i change my photo in Forum??


@mahmudmorshed00 i try to always Do unique BTW thanks for your suggestion


@wuerz123 thanks a lot


why would you use your sisters photo?

what else is not yours that you are using?

Trust is everything.


@miroslavglavic sorry for my mistake. :frowning: