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I want to join Fiverr Studio


I want to join Fiverr Studio, Please anyone would like to add me as a team member in his studio? or please can you guide me on how I can create a Fiverr studio?

My services are:

Graphic Designing (Web designing, banner, social media posts, social media cover and many more)
Web Development (Html, css, Jquery, Javascript, Wordpress, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages))
Digital marketing
Content Writing

I can show you my work examples if you want to see?



You are not eligible to be a studio leader or a studio member.

So you can’t start your own studio or be selected as a studio member by a studio leader.

When/if the studio program rolls out to more users and you are eligible, you can ask to see if anyone is interested instead of pleading for people to add you to their studio.

It’s not just a matter of etiquette, it also shows you are not really serious about a potential collaboration since you are not considering whether or not it’a a good fit with someone or a mutually beneficial collaboration. You just appear desperate to be a part of a studio, any studio, for whatever reason.

P.S. there is no way you are a great web developer, designer, marketer and SEO specialist at the same time. You need to pick a category and work towards mastery. Doing a bunch of stuff poorly, is always worse than doing just one thing perfectly.


If you want to join something, don’t you think you should look up how it actually works?

Also, people work with others based on merit, not just because the seller says they want it. Listing a bunch of phrases does not indicate a skill set or suitability.


Frank, explained. Studio eligibility in beta phase for now and Fiverr picked few sellers to create Studio gigs, you might get it later.

Hi thank for your guide.

I am not expert in all domain, I’ve a team in my office, in my country I run a company, so for increase my business I want to join studio so that my team can be also utilized at fiverr studio

Please can you guide me what is critearea to become a member of an studio?


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Same rule applies.

I would never get my car fixed at a place that also does pottery.

Even if you own a company it is in your company’s best interest to hone in on just one skillset and become masters at it.

Your pricing will go higher vs trying to do a lot of stuff at low rates to keep the business afloat.

Re: studios
You don’t need to be enrolled in the studio program just because you have a team.

It wouldn’t bring you any additional business.

There is a blog post and several articles over at Fiverr’s help center.

Asking me to inform you about the studio feature is like asking me to do something for you because you don’t care enough to look it up.


Look it up, please.

We aren’t here to make it so that you don’t have to research.

We know the criteria because we looked it up and you can, too.

Don’t ask people to take the time to explain things you can find out for yourself.


Ok Thank you

Have a good Day

Here you go: