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I want to know about fiverr fees

I sell my service for $20 dollar.But fiverr give $16 dollar why ?

I want to know about fiverr hidden fees.


As a seller, 20% of each order’s earnings go to Fiverr - it’s the fee you have to pay for using their platform and for letting them do the heavy promotion of the site along with all its sellers and services.

Also, the 20% fee is taken from Tips as well.

Nothing is hidden if you search the forum :wink: (except maybe the search algorithm and TRS criteria :thinking: )


or the terms of service :slightly_smiling_face:


Curiously enough, I searched the TOS page just now and couldn’t find the selling fees mentioned - only buying/processing fees :grimacing: I, myself, found out about this percentage over the time when I realized I wasn’t receiving all of the money :stuck_out_tongue:

[edit: apparently it is mentioned on the TOS page, but it’s mentioned as 80% earning, instead of 20% fee]


Each order you sell and successfully complete, accredits your account with a net revenue of 80% of the purchase amount.


Duh, if you read my very first post I obviously knew all that since I told the OP about the 20% fee :slight_smile:

I don’t understand why you quoted me :thinking:


From here:

how much does it cost


You said that you search TOS and couldn’t find that fee


Oh, I see - so the reason why I couldn’t find the 20% fee in the TOS was because Fiverr mentioned it the other way around - as the 80% cut you get :smiley:

Thanks for the heads-up :slight_smile:

It is there under sellers as 80% net revenue.




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Yeah, I needed a while to find that part for 80% lol.

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If you sell your service at $20
Fiverr takes 20%
PayPal takes 4.4% + $0.30

x - y - z = a
20 - (20% of 20) - (4.4% of y + 0.30) = a
[20 - (4)] - (0.88 + 0.30) = a
[16]  - (1.18) = a
14.82 = a

here, a is the exact amount of money you will receive.


Thanks for helping :+1:

This isn’t true.
The maximum amount for the transaction of your Fiverr revenue via Paypal is $1,00.
If his net revenue is $16,- (80% of $20,-) he will receive $15,00 on his Paypal account.
The same is true for Payoneer.



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this is rules and regulations of the fiverr. in your every order what you completed ,fiverr will take from you 20% of the amount you earned.

Yes I agree with you if you transfer money from payoner to your local bank . But if you withdrew amount with payoneer card from ATM machine there is charges of ATM machine.

The only thing I was talking about was the transaction from Fiverr to Payoneer. There is nothing that needs to be agreed on.
All other fees that are charged after this fact by Payoneer or any other bank don’t have anything to do with Fiverr or any other source of income.

BTW: You can avoid the fee charged via the ATM (at least in Europe) when you pay your purchases in shops and malls directly with the Payoneer card. If you want to avoid the fee for inactivity that is charged by Payoneer of you don’t use the card during a month, just go an buy a can of soda at the mall.


Because Fiverr take 20% of all your earning for using their platform.

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