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I Want to Know About Fiverr Gig URL

I have changed my gig’s title to make it more appropriate. But its URL is’t changed according to new title.

is it correct for Gig Ranking?, Or i have to make new gig??

What should, i to do.?

Syed Fahad

The URL never changes after you create a gig, no matter how many times you might change the title again. If the URL is still reasonably related to what you do in the gig, it’s really not a big deal. If you URL says “create-a-custom-logo” and you changed your gig to “I will dance in a bear suit” that’s not good. The only way to change the URL is to create a new gig, if that is what you decide to do.

I have many experience in this problem, So in this time you have to remove full gig and create again.

Thanks Dear

Can i copy some content from my gigs for new gig,

Don’t call people dear here, Fiverr is filled with people of different nationalities – they might not find “dear” as a professional term. Madame/Ma’am/Sir will do. :slight_smile: Yes, you can copy content from your previous gigs to your new gig.