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I want to know about order cancellation

I want know … when the seller cancel the order … when the money back to the buyer ?? cause i know some one “buyer” told me that when the seller cancel the order he didnt have his money back

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when the seller cancel the order buyer get back the money

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the buyer didnt has his money back !!

when the seller open a dispute for the order cancelation then buyer need to accept this and after some time buyer will get the found it take sometimes long and short

and What is the maximum duration to take the money back ?

Refunds are returned to the buyer’s Fiverr account, they are not refunded to the funding account. If an order is refunded, you will be able to use that refund to purchase other orders in Fiverr. Fiverr does it this way so that, if one seller cannot provide what you need, and offers you a refund, you will be able to find another seller to do the work, and you can use the refunded price to pay for it.


so if he hire someone again did fiverr charge him again 2$ for that survice ??