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I want to know about the nudge buyer option

I want to know what Hapend when I make a buyer nude buyer. I don’t know about that. Please help me someone to tell me the details about that. I am looking forward to the help of all of yours.

The buyer only order my gig. I don’t have any conversation with him before about this project.

Please what will be hapend after that. The buyer not responding me of my any message. Please tell me what can hapend now of this gig #landongrace

I’ve had this happen a couple of times. A buyer places an order but never submits the order information. You can hit the “nudge buyer” option to give them a notification reminder. If that doesn’t work, I usually also send them a message explaining a bit about how the Fiverr ordering process work. Usually the buyer will come back in a little bit and continue with the order.

In a couple of cases, I’ve had buyers totally disappear after starting to place an order. Those orders never enter your queue, although you can see them if you go to Manage Sales and select Active. I have no idea why some buyers do this - maybe they forget about the order after placing it or change their mind. It’s wasted money for them, but to my knowledge, it won’t affect you in any way if they never come back to officially start the order. And if you’ve politely asked them to submit the order information, you’re covered if they come back later and claim you never completed an order they placed a while ago.

Best. Day. Ever. =))


Sorry, I have no idea what you are trying to say here…

What do you mean “n_ude?” Or is it supposed to be “rude?”

Can you explain?

I am sorry I mistake that. It’s Nudged Buyer showing in the order page.

I mean he did not submit the data that need to star a gig. Then I have hit the nudge buyer button. Please somebody help he to roll-out from this.

A person message sometime is appropriate. New buyers, don’t know that they have to submit something for the order to start. If they have already sent material through messages, you may need to instruct them to simply type “start” for the system to start the order.

Just always be patient but always communicate very well. This maybe the persons first time to ever order and we can help make the process a good experience.

When I have gotten these, usually they eventually do respond. If it goes a few days with no response, you can also try choosing the mutual cancellation offer. That often gives them a big shove if they realize they really have to do something. Or, if they are confused they will just accept the cancellation, get it out of your way, and causes no harm to your rating as long as they actually accept.

If none of that works you can either just let it sit in queue (still doing no harm) or ask Customer Support for help. If you let it sit in queue “forever” the only danger is if they activate it while you are away for some time and it goes into late status. You have to keep an eye on them.

If you realize you will have to be away for awhile, having Customer Support cancel it for you may be the best option. I am a good example right now because I have some issues preventing me from being online as much so I’m in vacation mode. If I had an order hanging in queue like that and someone activated it, it could easily end up late since I cannot get online with my usual regularity. Just one other thing to keep in mind. Good luck and I’m glad your issue wasn’t actually a buyer with no clothes! :slight_smile:

I don’t see any nudge button and I want to use it for a buyer that is not responding. Is that normal?
Where is that button situated?

Thank you in advance

The reason why I am seeing the button is that the buyer already started the order, even though information is still missing.

Is there any way to make an offer to a buyer and then still keep that offer on hold until the buyer send all the info required?

Thank you in advance

I have quite a bit of those! Not sure why people place an order and then just vanish from the planet. I’m not sure what happens when you nudge them. Maybe they get a mail notification?

Some of those orders are also huge, so it makes no sense, lol.