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I want to know advantage of gig favorite?

Please tell me the advantage of gig favorite, what it does and why people do that ?


Gig favorites are to help BUYERS find gigs that they liked. Sellers do not gain anything


Sellers gain a bit of social proof if they have gigs that have been favourited by a lot of people. If you go to a gig and see that it has hundreds of favourites, you’ll tend to think it’s trustworthy.


Ok i understand … Thnx bro

Very informative. Thnx :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What would you think if you see a gig that has 100 favorites and only 5 orders with 3 negative reviews?


also some people collect favorite from other seller in facebook group.


The main thing is #Click. You are getting click

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I’ve never seen that happening, but it would depend on the gig. If it was very high priced, it could be because it is liked by many, and used as a reference, but then they try to get something similar for cheaper. If it’s a cheap gig, I don’t really understand how that can happen.


If they spent their time trying to offer better service instead of wasting it on groups trading views and favourites, they would have better results. Yeah, seeing a big number of hearts sends a positive message to the buyer, but reviews, portfolio and description are far more important.


Yeah, you may not see that happening. How about this…
You will see many gigs having hundreds of favorites with zero order. Everybody trusts them but nobody orders. They have been trustworthy sellers without selling anything. :grinning:


Yes you r right :+1:

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I covered this in my live stream last week, with an official response from Fiverr staff:

It’s just a bookmark system.

All those groups that exchange favorites are a huge waste of time and effort for all parties involved. Joke’s on them.

As for the “social proof” argument, I personally don’t see it.


It’s a small effect, but all else being equal, a higher favourite count will mean slightly higher social proof. For most people, unaware of those exchange groups, it looks like many people have an eye on the gig, which makes it more desirable. I’m not saying it’s a strong effect, and it won’t make anyone order the gig by itself, but it’s not 0.

It is indeed a bookmark system, it just happens to show publicly how many people have bookmarked you. If it was a traditional bookmark system (like browser bookmarks), that information would be private. If they show the number of people who bookmarked a gig, I suppose that means something, it’s their design decision to show it.

However, wasting your time on those groups trying to get more favourites is still not a good investment, since there are other things to do that will have a way bigger effect on your results anyway. Favourites are negligible in comparison.


This thread clear my mind. I was thinking the fav button might be boost the SEO of gig.

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In short, if buyers like a gig they would favourite it. The selling possibility of that partucular gig rises higher than other gigs, and it is also a symbol of trust for the new buyers to easily choose. That’s all.


Thnx to everyone who gave a valuable information on this topic :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think the favorite advantage is to rank a gig but now I understand

I would understand it as a part of favorite exchange. :sweat_smile:
I see on Facebook groups related to Fiverr every minute a person begs for favorite exchange.

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When you get gig favorite organically it’s good. It shows that your gig is getting attention. But I also saw that sellers exchanging gig favorite from various social media group. I don’t think it’s gonna help to get order as they are not real buyer.