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I want to know. Can I do two things with the same email?

Can I create an affiliate account on Fiverr with the same Gmail that I used to open a Fiverr seller account?

Nope, Fiverr only allows each individual to have one account.

Besides, one account works as a seller and a buyer account.

If you do set up to accounts and Fiverr catches you, both accounts will be banned.

I suggest you read the TOS at the bottom of the Fiverr main site. After all, you did, tick the box that said you read them and follow them when you signed up to Fiverr.


Thank you very much. I did not know it.
But if I use a different Gmail account and run two accounts on the same desktop, will there still be a problem?

Yes. Unless you write to Custom Service and ask for permission, you could get both accounts banned. Fiverr may let you have two accounts if you do not offer the same services, but you MUST have their permission first!

However, you cannot have one account as a buyer account and one as a seller account.

Fiverr also asks for us to verify our ideas using a national ID, passport, or driver’s license to make sure there is only one user per account. Many new users have been to the Forum who are sad because they cannot verify their account and lost their sales.