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I want to know Evolution time

After how many hours Fiverr is going to change our levels? Who is waiting for evolution?

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Why do people suddenly call it “evolution” ?

Is it Pokemon related? Or a Darwinian approach?

If you are eligible to gain a level it happens on the 15th of the month, tight after the automatic evaluation ends. (With some delay depending on time zone)


Because they’ve seen someone else calling it that, and they don’t really know the meaning of the either word?


On the other hand …

Fiverr Evolution
Fiverr Evaluation


Fiverr Evolution does have a certain ring to it, does roll off the tongue better, too. Unfortunately, it would sound a bit weird when people go down in their level.
However, as far as forum lore goes, neither of the two is correct, it’s called Saint Level’s Day. :wink:

And to answer the question, Saint Level’s Day has been known to fall on the 14th, the 15th or the 16th of a month, the 15th seeming to be the most common. Just wait, see and (hopefully) rejoice.


Somewhere, in a quiet office in the corner of Fiverr HQ, an up and coming young employee has seized upon the name Fiverr Evolution and is desperately trying to think of something to use it for.
In the office next door, a similar thing is happening except the name is Fiverr 2.0.
They are far better names than their previous efforts which included iFiverr, Fiverr+ and Fiverr Infinity.


I dont mind to be a level 1 seller, levels doesnt make difference, till customers orders my gig and have a pleasant work together.


However, there is a rumour that Fiverr Infinity will make it on a badge that will be bestowed upon gigs with unlimited revisions, once they decided on the background image and colour scheme (there are two fantastic suggestions for the badge background image: a perpetual calendar with handcuffs and shackles dangling off a rusty nail vs a boomerang, which makes it hard to decide in favour of the one and against the other).


What does fiverr infinity means

Oh, all the Infinity talk is just fun, joking about.

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