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I want to know Fiverr take any action for Fake client?

I got a order from a client.
She did send a design draw ( )
And i make it look like : (
After send him file and he did caneel the order .
Can anyone explain me why he did cancel the order ?


It is against forum rules to name sellers or buyers on the forum so you need to remove this immediately.

Thank you for your suggestion.


I think he or she just wanted free work

yes . but it’s not good for a seller .

Either the buyer wanted free work or they hated the work you did.

To be honest the work you did is not professional looking in my opinion and I would be upset since you chose to show it to us. The picture is very hazy and dull after you worked on it and the smaller graphics along the bottom are not as shown in the original file, they are not uniform.

How did the picture become so dull?

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Thank you for your opinion .
I just use a overlay on image , because if i don’t use overlay , he send me png image for left slider image and text white . without overlay text view was very dull .
But he can said me about the overlay .
Again see the screenshot because i did use zoom out previous screenshot .

Looks great in my opinion

Thank you for your opinion .

Edit: my mistake!!! I read those links, inverse :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comment .
But i think you understood reverse.
you should again view my post .
then you can tell your opinion .

oh hahahahha yes ! my mistake. your delivery is very good. you should ask the buyer that how can you improve.

I asked him but there is no profit. Because may be he was fake client .

If she hated your work, she will just give you a negative review. But I think she just wants a free job.

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