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I want to know from the seniors how to stay fast place in Fiverr rankings

I want to know from the seniors how to stay fast in the ranking of Fiverr and what they support and not support in Fiverr. You guys advise me about this.


There is no set of tasks that you can do to make this happen.

And if there was no seller is going to tell you how they rank well because then you would be able to outrank them!

Stop trying to find some magic solution and instead figure out what people want to buy.

This is why most sellers fail. They assume they become successful by completing tasks instead of by creating something buyers actually want. Stop looking for tricks and learn how business works.


I agree

Plus, there’s no magic recipe. There’s no ranking either, the algorithm is randomly pushing you from the first page to the last page, it’s dynamic and you don’t have that much control other than doing a good job with the tasks you receive.


Thank you for advising me.

thank you for your feedback, however.

Almost all the active seller get a chance to come on the first page. It depends on how active you are in Fiverr. In the specific time, each month seller position shifted. It is also mentioned that if any high rank seller made any mistake or abuse or another thing, he is replaced from 1st page.

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My gig was suddenly vanished and now its on no 2 page…there is no Secret…You try to work hard…Like be active and send buyer request…doing some good marketing of your work

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golden points

#use your own content
#dont make more ID’s on fiverr
#be good to customers
#deliver work on time
#dont use other profile bios . gigs , FAQ or any other data
#dont use google images more
#greet customers and get the reorders

thats all

all the best buddy :slight_smile:


Thank you for the nice comment.

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Thanks for letting me know your comment.

thanks for the comment.

None of this is true. Please don’t say things you can’t corroborate.

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I am sorry, I totally disagree with you. I think you did not read the title of this topic properly that “…How to stay fast place in Fiverr Ranking”
I did not suggest annything except being active in Fiverr. @Humansocial, can you please show an example that an inactive seller account has been shifted 1st page?
If any high ranking active seller made any mistake or canceled some orders then his gig was shifted to another page from 1st. So, other active sellers get the opportunity to come to 1st page in absence of same.

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Now read what I said again.

My saying it’s untrue that all Active sellers get a chance to be on the first page doesn’t mean I’m saying inactive sellers get to be on the first page. I’m not saying that at all and your interpretation of what I said is totally illogical.

That’s like saying if I say not all fresh oranges make it to grocery stories that that must mean I’m saying that spoiled oranges make it to grocery stores. See? It makes no sense to think I am saying that.

You’re saying all active sellers get to be on the first page. That’s just plain wrong and nothing you just argued proves it does.

There are hundred of thousands of active sellers, often 20,000 sellers per sub category. There are less than 40 spots on the first page. So how could everyone get a turn on the first page? It doesn’t even make sense.

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Just I kindly suggest you, there are hundreds of tips given by different moderators, sellers. You are requested to read all and also read other sites.
Remember one thing, I said him to stay active in Fiverr rather than gave him any magical solution
Thank you it is my last comment in this issue.


hundreds of tips given by different moderators, sellers

If you want someone to read something that would prove your point, you need to present the information. Simply telling someone to ‘read tips’ is ridiculous - which tips? It’s information YOU are using to support YOUR argument, so YOU post it.

And if all this ‘proof’ is, is generic information from people that advise you stay online 24/7, you’re listening to the wrong people.


What does that even mean? I’m saying that you used faulty logic to claim I said something I actually didn’t. Interesting that you didn’t address that.

And staying online doesn’t accomplish anything. So please stop parroting claims about being online.


Many thanks to everyone for the advice…