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I want to know rules for revision from the seller?

Hello Fiverr top rated seller!
I am here to ask that I made an offer for the buyer with 1 revision delivery time 5 days. and I completed all the order within time.
and first I gave him a sample so if he need any changes so he can tell me on the sample video and all the video animation would be same but the different text.
after 6 day he asked me revision to make the changes on the text (Grammar mistake which was given by him) at this condition what should I do
Should I revise it or not because it is on all the 11 video…

Are you asking for help, ONLY from Top Rated Sellers? That seems a little demanding, don’t you think? Why can’t any knowledgeable seller respond to this?

it will be good if anyone give me a good suggestion.

There you go. That’s better.

It is up to you to work the way the buyer wants
If you have a problem with that amendment
Ask customer support for

so fiverr costomer support will cancel the order and I will lose my hard working…