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I want to know some banner size

Hello everyone, Hope you all are well. I need a help. Can you please tell me the WordPress website banner size & also pop up to snap email ads size also?? (is there any general size?)
Thanks in advance!

Azmain Rahman
Graphic Designer


This is not related to Fiverr. No. It’s not our job to do your research for you.


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I’m with her^

There is a thing called Google. Altho having used WP for 10+ years there is no one size. Asking that Q rather undoes your claim to be a Graphic Designer as a remotely trained or experienced designer would know this - and where to look for the answer to the specific issue.

The take-home point from this @azmain7 should not be: oh how mean is this fellow but that “when you go you gotta go, go with a gun” (a song lyric) which means that there is no point in being half-hearted (or half-assed) about what you are doing.

If you want to have success (here or anywhere) you have to a) know your thing, b) do your thing well and c) carry yourself like you know what you are doing - which if ducks a & b are lined up c will be too.


I know , That’s why I told I need help BTW thanks for your valuable comment :slight_smile:

English understand not do think I you.

Time maybe to improve your ability to communicate in the business language :wink:


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Sorry for late reply because I am little bit busy with my project , BTW thanks for your valuable comment & I think you should give important to your own work, May be that’s good for you also it helps to get more project in future :smile: :slight_smile: