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I want to know these thing?

i spend 1 year on Fiverr but didn’t know a few things? could you please help me to know it?

  1. what is different between the custom offer and general buying offer? is it affect the rating of gig?
  2. when a client submits the wrong order? that we can’t do? what should we do? if we cancel the order? is this affect our order completing ratio?
  3. if the client is misbehaving with us? what should we do?

Please answer. thanks in advance. have a good day :slight_smile:

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The answer to your questios are here: :arrow_down:
And, here: :arrow_down:

And, here: :arrow_down:


Take a stroll in :walking_man:The Tips for Sellers section. You’ll find some helpful topics.

Enjoy the read! :pineapple:


Thankss a lot its helpfull

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@wpexpert_samiul, neither of the two people who you thanked – @vickiespencer and @nikavoice – are “bros”. In fact, neither of their forum photos look anything like men. I can’t imagine either of those two lovely ladies appreciate being addressed as men, or called a “bro”.

Please be mindful of who you are responding to, and how you are responding to them, here on the forums. If you don’t know a user’s gender – which really shouldn’t have been hard in this case – then don’t use gender-specific ways of addressing people.

Courtesy and respect are skills well worth mastering.


I hhave changed it,thanks


Ugh! :weary:

No, I don’t like being called "Bro" how would @wpexpert_samiul like it if I called him “Sis”?
Listen, it’s very awkward for males to be addressing females as bro. You can address me by Nika or my username. You’ve changed the wording so lesson learned. :pineapple:


Is it possible that “bro” means friend in other countries, or is taken that way?

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