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I want to know why my gig was denied 2 times

Hello everyone, I want to know why my gig was denied 2 times, my service is 10 comments on blogs or on social networks. They denied my gig 2 times, and I don’t know why, I’m looking at other freelancers gigs to know what I failed at, but I can’t find the fault in my gigs, and now I’m afraid that they’ll deny me the third gig, and my account would be suspended.

I do not find problems in my description, or in my prices, I do not find the problem.

If any fiverr staff see this, help me, I want to know what rules I am breaking, or to check my gig a second time to know what I am failing.


welcome to fiverr forum .just message our fiverr support

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¿How do I do that? I’m new here.

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There’s some site? If you can tell me how do I contact some staff, that would be useful.

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It’s likely because you are offering fake engagement in exchange for payment.

Fiverr doesn’t allow this - and that includes fake reviews, fake likes, fake page views etc.

I deliberately say fake - because it’s not organic or genuine.

The only reason someone will pay a person to engage with their site is to fraudulently manipulate / improve their stats.

It’s all fake. That’s why Fiverr won’t allow it.

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But, did you see my gig? or it’s just a supposition?

ohhh, I understand, now I see the problem

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You said Fiverr had banned your gig, so I wouldn’t be able to see it.

But based on what you wrote in your original post, it’s very likely the reason your gig has been denied is because you are offering fake engagement.

Supposition, yes (because I’m not Fiverr). But I also have a working knowledge of the terms of service and community guidelines.

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Ok, thank you, It was helpful.

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One final thought… you will often see ‘illegal’ gigs advertised on Fiverr.

This gives some sellers false hope that they can then advertise a similar service. However, it only takes a slightly different order of words for example for Fiverr to pick up on gigs that it won’t allow.

Also, the ‘illegal’ gigs that do make it through the first time are often eventually taken down… it might take a few days, weeks or even months. But eventually they get reported.

We often see posts in the forum from sellers complaining that their gig has been removed - even though it’s had lots of sales, positive feedback, etc. It doesn’t matter - if the gig isn’t allowed and Fiverr notices it, it will be removed and the seller warned.

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