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I want to know why my gigs' impressions & views are going down I really very unhappy :(

My gigs are going down and only down every day I check my gigs’ views & impressions and unfortunately they are going down with the red down arrow. I also added keywords to the image name and alt-tags I also added keywords in my gigs’ description & also in the title but when I write my own gigs’ title in the search bar of Fiverr I see many other persons’ gigs but there was no my gigs even I can’t see my gigs at the last page of the search results. my all GIGs are active no one is paused or the draft. I can’t find the reason behind this. It breaks my heart and made me unhappy.


Every time you edit your gig it disappears from the search for a while.

Why not just leave them alone for a few days and give them a chance to do their thing in the search?

Take a walk and get some fresh air! :sunflower::sunny:


Thanks 4 the helpful reply :slight_smile:

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