I want to launch a paid AdSense course


Respected Seniors:
I have a question. I am gonna start to offer a paid course on fiverr. what if someone gives an order and after getting the complete course he refuses to buy or cancel the order?
If my course worth for 200$ then I lost that at all due to cancellation the order or is there another way to bypass this situation?
Kindly guide me.


Is it going to be a course that you train with them over the phone or Skype? If it is a premade deliverable, at $200 I suppose you will have a lot of cancellations. If it is something where they interact with you during the course, you will have a relationship with them, and they are very unlikely to cancel.$200 seems super steep for a course on Fiverr, but I think that if you think you have that kind of value to offer, you should give it a try. The greater danger is that no one buys it, not that they buy it and then cancel.


Didn’t you ask this same question a couple of days ago?


Unfortunately, I am not yet a “senior” (I’m only in my 30s) so, I guess I can’t help you. It’s unfortunate that you only want older aged sellers to respond. I know many younger sellers that are pretty knowledgeable, and might be able to help.


whenever i see @jonbaas comments/replies i always think it would have been fun if fiverr forum has this feature “laugh” “sad” “angry” “smile” beside :heart: , like facebook :smiley: