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I want to leave fiverr.Is this a good idea?

I want to leave fiverr.Is this a good idea? Is this a good idea?I’m very disappointed by fiverr algorithm.I’m just wondering to open a small kid toy shop :sweat_smile: .So every fiverr seller cam advice me .I will welcome each of thoughts.:wink:


I see you created looots of duplicated topics in the last days on
“My gig is not in the search”
“I modified my gig it’s not shown anymore”
“Your gig in incognito mode”
“How am I going to pay my bills” etc etc

Fiver doesn’t owe you anything. Their algorythm works as it supposed to and sometimes it doesn’t work in your favour if there is some one with better statistics than yours.

Fiverr also wouldn’t help you to pay your bills, you need to figure out how to pay your bills. (Doesn’t matter if it’s fiverr or any other ways)

If you want to leave fiverr than probably it’s a good idea for you. Fiverr already gave you a good boost and you achieved more than most beginner sellers but if with the first difficulty you want to run away and blaming it on fiverr algorythm then probably it’s the best to leave fiverr.

Freelancing is cruel, tough, difficult, emotionaly tiring and if you are not ready for that then you’d better leave fiverr.


Good idea.:wink: And good thoughts