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I want to link my fiverr's revenues to my friend's payoneer account directly

Hi Everyone,

I have a problem with my payoneer card in my country my post office refused to hand over me the card, that leaves meto try to link my fiverr revenues to my friend who already have a card, I will transfer all what I have on fiverr to his account.

Can anyone let me know how can I link my fiverr account to my friend’s account directly ?!

Please help me with that as I have money I can’t make anything with it and also can’t have it in my country easily!!


@mohamedgedo i suggest you contact fiverr support for help

@kjblynx thanks for your reply but I have an issue for transfer the money to my payoneer card now, as you see in the attachments my withdraw option to payoneer deactivated!

what should I do now ?@

@havardh Thanks for your advice but I have already did that and waiting for the support to reply!