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I want to make my first sale on fiverr,com

I am Md Faisal Ahammed, from Bangladesh. I am new on Fiverr. I just want to sell my first gig. Please help me.


hello i can help yu! look at this gig it will help yu loads! or i can give u personal assistance!

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Hey dear,
I am sorry to say that I don’t have any dollar in my account.
So thanks.

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thats no problem dear but this is how i got my level 1 seller in 10 days! you dont need money in ur account if uhave money in paypal its only 5$ its worth it!

Can I try it from my another fiverr account, just need your approval?

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Welcome to fiverr. There are lot of fiverr forum you can read out how to do the first sale.

My advice is

  1. You look the other gig that related to your work. and modify you gigs that give special than other. it could be price, quality price, fast delivery and so on

  2. Then keep apply for buyer requests

  3. share on social media. highly recommend to share on Twitter and Facebook

  4. Also you can message the seller and ask if there something you can do to them for reasonable. Some seller has problem with many works. delivery time.

  5. Do these things. don’t quite. Do again and again.

You will get first order. and do these again and again till you get many orders

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Having two accounts is against TOS :confused:

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There are hundreds of people on Fiverr in the same boat. I won’t lie - it isn’t easy. But the advice above is a great place to start.

I’d add -

Make what you offer different. There are so many sellers offering exactly the same thing. Don’t be another. If you are a writer, then create a gig where you offer to write about something you are knowledgeable about and passionate in. Find a niche (read Purple Cow by Seth Godin) and you this is the ideal way to grow what you do.


hi my APPROVAL for what?

Very Informative…

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dear, please inform about TOS ?