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I want to make my gig alike heaven


This gig doesn’t only take the burden of content writing. Rather than, it is like a heaven for me to show my passion. Anyone here can give critic as well if they find any or give suggestion.


Add keywords and eye-catching title.
Promote your Gig as much as you can.
Send daily 10buyer requests.


Fix your grammar. Also, make your gig title less poetic and more descriptive.


Your Gig presents several issues, none of which quite frankly should even exist if you are writing articles and blog posts in English.

To start, ‘I will take the burden of your contents writing’ does not make any sense. Take the burdens and do what with them, exactly? A better title (although not that much better in my opinion, but is still consistent with what I think your theme is) may be, ‘I will ease your content writing burdens.’

Onto the video:

Welcome to the heaven of the persuasive word

This is not grammatically correct.

Contents run the show

What show?

Are you? Finding someone for writing? Then you are in the right place

I’m not so sure that I am at this point. Why are those two separate questions? Even if they were combined into one question, it is still grammatically unsound.

Take readers out of the crowd… and keep alive in the content

What does this even mean?

Wordheaven contents always… inform people with clarity and accuracy

Again, why are these two separate sentences?

Conciseness and precision of articles ensure the demand of readers


Doesn’t matter! How much cups coffee require but topic always fully researched.


I’d continue, but I’ve seen enough.

What I’ve said may be perceived as being harsh, but it was both honest and necessary. It is unprofessional, and dare I say unethical, for a seller to provide content writing services in a language which they demonstrably are not proficient in.


Thanks Parii01 for your important suggestion. Will take it seriously.


Wait a minute, you want to make a gig look like heaven? Interesting!

I wonder what that would look like. :thinking:

Clouds :cloud: pearly gates, rainbows :rainbow: etc… You’re really aiming for the sky! :wink:

I hope it comes together nicely for ya!


Really grateful to get such honest and detailed feedback on my gig. Even, I am in doubt on my observation about my own gig. You are like a real friend who wants good of mine. I will carefully check all the problems you raised.


Oh! Nikavoice, don’t get it wrong. I might not express it properly which lead you this kind of thinking. Heaven sounds like pleasurable or good, that was my real aim actually. BTW, your expression was quite funny. Interesting​:+1::+1::+1:



You get brownie points for having a sense of humor lol. :grin:

Have a awesome day! :pineapple: