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I want to make sure I'm being fair

So I started using Fiverr about a month ago to find more gigs for my already thriving side hustle. My first gig on here was super easy and fun. I have a current gig that has been awful. I want to one) make sure I’m being fair to this guy, and two) not mess up my the algorithm too much.

The guy orders the gig on a Tuesday, and it’s necessary to video chat for this, so he schedules a call on Thursday. He tells me he wants a scripts for a specific type of instructional comic. I’ve made scripts like this before, it should take less than an hour, but he doesn’t want me to start until he sends me the technical specs on his product. He sends about 30 pages that are almost impossible to read on Tuesday; I tell him the script that he wants is going to take at least 6 pages to fit all information he wants and I send an offer for the extra length. A whole week form the initial gig, but he extends the time so It’s not a big deal. I send him the first two pages (all he ordered at that time). He orders the four more pages, but then insults the two I’ve given him and demands I rewrite them with all new specifications.

Do I simply have him cancel the order?

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Hm, no. Why?

correct move

correct move

correct move

expected at this point…

:arrow_up: Lost in translation…

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It all depends on if you offer revisions or not, which I’m hoping you do not. If you do then do the revisions and continue to struggle with him, or cancel it. It sounds to me like he is rude enough to want to cancel the order.

Since he has all new specifications, then you can politely tell him since the specifications are all new, he needs to place a new order. You could also tell him since he did not like the two pages he already got from you it would be best if he tries a different seller for his new specifications.

If you are concerned you might get a bad review then you can choose to have customer support cancel the order and be sure to tell them the buyer sent in all new specifications with his demand for a revision and hopefully that won’t count against your analytics.

Though they can ask for revisions if you allow them, or maybe anyway if what was delivered doesn’t match the original order requirements, revisions aren’t really supposed to be totally different than the original requirements. They’re really supposed to be modifications but where the order is still within the original requirements.

You don’t have to. You can do the revisions if they’re okay and you are okay with them. Though the first reviews on the account/gig are the most important. eg. 1 bad review if you only have 1 could stop things like sending offers in the BR section. Maybe it could make it harder to get future orders on that gig if it’s one of the first reviews.

edit: Technically you could check the terms of service, re: what he’s said and see if it might be against the “Communication on Fiverr should be friendly, constructive, and professional.” bit. If it is, the message could be reported.