I want to order my gig


hello every one i am graphics designer,logo design expert but i can not any order my gig please help me any one advance thanks


Never give up ! I know it’s hard to get your first order but getting your first order is really worth . You know that when I created my account at fiverr, It took me 2 months to get my first order. That order make me to jump like an kangaroo.:joy:

So, Please wait for your first order and please don’t go against fiverr TOS by ordering gig yourself and getting reviews really is an crap.

Your uniqueness , Hard work, and Skills take you to the next level !!

Kudos !
Vamsi. :slight_smile:


It took me about a month or more to get my first order too. I think I jumped like a kangaroo too. That is saying a lot for an old lady! :crazy_face:


:australia: would be perfect for you Kangaroos to jump around. :smiley:


What a great gif that would be!


thanks denvamsi give me advice