I want to play "The Knife Game" next to your logo or message & try not to lose a finger


I made a...different...Fiverr gig! I want to play "The Knife Game" on camera next to your logo & make a cool video out of it.

Please let me explain.
I have no sense what so ever, Growing up I loved playing "The Knife Game", "Five Fingers of Death", "Finger Roulette" or whatever you want to call it. Over the years I have got really good at this game, Though I do mess up quite often...

For only $5 I will print out a message of your choice, or a logo (No copyrighted logos, you must own it) and play "The Knife Game" for a full two minutes, who knows I might lose a finger next to your logo :) (You can even send me an item if you like)

I will edit it with some awesome effects & music then send you the .MP4 File & you can edit it and do whatever you like with it.

I promise to not let up and give it 110% on every game.

Let's get started!

LINK: https://www.fiverr.com/s/62v1l8