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I want to promote Fiverr writers on my new website


I signed onto Fiverr a few years ago with a number of writing gigs. I loved it, and after a couple of years was making quite a bit of money at it. I’ve since abandoned the account since I’ve moved on to other things.

Whenever I’m on FB, or an online forum, and someone is looking for a writer I always refer them to Fiverr. It never fails though, after a day there are 10-20 replies to my post bashing Fiverr writers as hacks who only spin articles. I know that’s crap because I was a good seller, with a lot of happy clients. I also know there are a lot of other Fiverr writers with happy clients. That doesn’t mean the objections are incorrect though. Since leaving Fiverr I’ve returned a few times to hire writers, and have had to weed though some pretty bad writing.

So, here’s what I’m doing; I’m creating a website for the best writers on Fiverr in different niches. For example; best travel writer, best food writer, best tech writer, best forum poster, best legal writers, etc. This way buyers don’t have to weed through the sellers who spin articles, or turn in work that needs severely edited before you can use it.

I think I’m going to feature 5-10 writers per niche. If you’d like to be featured please message me so I can go through your reviews and see if we’re a fit for each other.



I messaged you, hope I’m a right fit :slight_smile:


Hi @pntpublishing. Just to be clear, are you planning to order writing gigs from people if you decide they are the right fit? I’m not personally interested, but I need to see if your post is in the right category. Your idea sounds nice as long as it’s a match for current Fiverr guidelines.


I’ve hired multiple writers from Fiverr myself and I agree that it requires a lot of background research. I like the idea, but how can you guarantee that writers posted on your site are really the good ones? If you only take top sellers or writers with X amount of positive reviews, then it’s not much different from Fiverr’s search function.

If someone hires a writer from your page and gets a poor quality service, then your site loses credibility. I’m not trying to discourage you, it’s just that I hope you have thought about adding some kind of validation process. If there’s a proper validation process in place then I’d be happy to visit your site :slight_smile:


I wasn’t. I was just going to feature them. Hope I didn’t break any rules posting this.


Working out the kinks still. I’m thinking that the Fiverr seller would have a post on the website as an example of their work, combined with reviews. Most of the time sellers can’t really give samples to a buyer to protect their clients. Other than that buyers seem to want samples. If there is a sample in one place they can point prospective customers to, as opposed to handing out different samples all of the time, that may make life easier.


There are no rules broken with the post, but you’ve got a tricky issue. Communication with Fiverr sellers needs to remain on Fiverr. A seller could be at risk if they contact you here and then the conversation is taken off Fiverr.


Just so I understand; Is this not considered Fiverr? If not then I’ll just delete this. Thanks.


I am a professional writer, but pretty new to fiverr. I believe i will give my best on what you think off. You will be able to check out all of my gigs from the profile. i couldn’t find a message option in your profile, so i am replying here.

Thank you and have a great day ahead.


@pntpublishing No, you misunderstood me. The forum is still Fiverr and if you can arrange all this through inbox messages or forum PM’s, you are fine. Otherwise the post would have been removed for you. I have just been trying to understand what you wanted to do because some sellers might not realize they can get in trouble for real off-Fiverr contact. If they have to contact you via your website, for example, and it hasn’t been through a gig purchase, they could get in trouble. I think what you are offering still sounds positive and nice, but you’d just have to keep the communications on Fiverr, not through outside email or your site. Contact info can only be exchanged through a gig purchase. :slight_smile:


@vedmak - these are not rules I made up. I’m trying to help a nice guy offering promos and new sellers who may not know Fiverr rules. If they write their email in a PM, Fiverr will ding the seller. Please don’t take out your angst at ToS on me or anyone else on the forum.

You can write to CS about any other concerns.


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Hello @vedmak c’mon man, You know… I have been a moderator here for almost 5 years. You were perma-banned last time for breaking the rules several times, I personally advocated to give you a chance this time around. what’s going now?

The forum moderators have a job to do, they act on flags by our community, the forum should be a place for all to have a lively cohesive chat about Fiverr and it’s community