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I want to promote my German Article writing GIG, but how?

Hello guys. I don’t use any social network that much so I dont have big networks there.

Are there any good Gigs on fiverr or good ways to promote my gig:

There are some Twitter GIGS, Facebook GIGS, have you used any of them to promote your gig and had success?

Thx for the tips

you have a few orders waiting for you, so that is good.

I might add some information to your profile, are you educated with any college degrees, or a student currently? What are you studying?

Also, maybe make a video just quickly introducing yourself saying what you offer?

Be careful about buying twitter and facebook gigs, there is a lot of fake stuff happening.

It may also be helpful to offer one or two other gigs.

HOw long have you been selling and how many orders do you have? I am wondering how much of a market there is here for German articles.

Right now you are doing just that :slight_smile: .Additionally you can use social media.

@sincere18 hey thanks for the tips. Apreciate. I have been selling for about 15-17 days now. Created about 20 orders. Actually I think I had a very nice start and many bought a 2nd and 3rd time. But there are many people here that say after a couple of weeks business goes down because you are not anymore featured by fiverr. And I want to keep the juice flowing

Focus on the title and the tags.

"I will write a 500 word GERMAN Article in 3 days"

Then for tags try “german, german article, deutche, etc.” You can also try tags like Aleman, that’s Spanish for German. Someone from Latin America might be searching “aleman” or “articulo en aleman.”

@fastcopywriter dont you think i should include sth like professional or high qualitybin the title to make it sound more catchy? Thx for the advise

Reply to @inet01: Not necessarily, adjectives often make people sound dishonest. If I’m buying a house and the ad talks about “oversize windows,” I know the windows will be small. But if the ad talks about “floor-to-ceiling” windows then I know they’re really big. Of course, if you feel you can deliver great work each and everytime, then by all means, use the word “great.” “I will write a GREAT German Article in 7 days” for example. Some of my headlines have the word “great” in them, but not all. One of my gigs is very subjective, so I will not know what is great until I deliver.

I offer German translations but I am still not sure if customers want to read a Gig in German or English?
What is the best language to offer German Product Listings and Online marketing activities?

I have a Dutch article writing gig and I have bilingual descriptions. Almost all my buyers are Dutch or Belgian, but the occasional foreign buyer knows how to find me.


That´s a good idea I will try it. :slight_smile:

please tell me how can I get order frome Fiverr plate forms and how can improve his gigs…
take me some tricks…

One of your gigs is article writing - how about using this talent to write about your other gigs to bring traffic to them. Another of your gigs is creating videos - do the same to get traffic from YouTube.

There are no tricks to getting sales on Fiverr. Good luck!


that´s the problem. No tricks:)

I can promote your gig :grinning:

how will you promote it?