I want to promote my gig!


Hi everyone
I have joined on Fiverr in 1 year ago. I am professional ios and mobile apps promoter. When I create my firdt gig on fiverr about apps promoting, I had got many order but after a month fiverr denied me gigs and I don’t get any order. Again I had create new gig about my services. But I don’t know again Fiverr has denied my gig.
Now I am Fiverr level 2 seller. And I have 2 gigs about apps marketing. Also I have a gig about how to get ad installs for Chartboost.
I just want two know please any body help me how to promote my gigs and get orders. without any gig denied risk.


Do you mean that you have a gig for that, or that you have more than one account? Having more than one account is forbidden, and could get all of your accounts permanently banned.


Yes I have a gig for chartboost ad installs services


You can try asking Customer Support why your gig was denied.

App marketing gigs are often about selling reviews and/or incentivized installs, and therefore a violation of a third party’s Terms of Service, so Fiverr discourages them. If that’s not what you’re doing and if you’re certain that your gig isn’t breaking a third party’s ToS or any other rules, it should be fine.