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I want to promote my Website

Hi Fiverrians,

I wanted to spend some of my income buying services on Fiverr to promote my website, but there is so much available! I ask the experts are there some promotional methods that work and others that should be avoided?

Thanks :grin: :pray:


I feel like all services are scams without any guarantees. An opinion???

(I will instead buy coffee with the pennies it will be more concrete) :wine_glass: :shushing_face:

I think you would do better to research and find a way to promote your website on your own. Sorry to be cynical, but, most of what is sold here in those categories leaves a lot to be desired.

A way that I have been really successful on my own site is one particular blog post I wrote (well, I wrote more than one, but this one after 6 years still draws people in and I have multiple orders a week from it). Once they order this initial thing I do, they go on to order other things on my site I offer. (same niche, but, different type of analysis or reading) Depending on what your site offers, this can be a way to get people to your site.

I also have a Live Chat box on my site as well. I have an app on my phone, so that if I am out and about, I can answer questions about my services wherever I am. This particular chat is free and amazing - lots of analytics to tell you what page someone is on, how many are on your site, where they are from, what type of device they are using to see your site, etc. Totally amazing!!

Again, depends on what you are selling? I think you are a musician right? Maybe utilize YouTube in some way so people can see what you are capable of?



It really depends on what the site is for - is it services similar to your gigs or something else entirely.


Yes it is the same as my Fiverr’s Gigs : sell the meditation music I compose.

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Thank you for your reply. I already have a monetized Youtube channel, and a blog. (It seems you use aswell a Wix site, as what you describe about the mobile app!!).

I promote by myself a lot, but I was looking for a paying boost!

I’m not really sure how this reply will help @teramangala with his question…


He can ask me. I have experience with Youtube channels and ambient music.

Actually I am too much overbooked to ask for your help :wink:


I’m overbooked to work for you. There’s a difference.


It’s ok for me. I won’t work with you.


I’ll jump in to this tomorrow. I think it could be a good discussion and something a lot of us could find useful. As long as people don’t start pushing their services it could be great.


I look forward to that.

I have noticed from this and other posts you have made on the FF that you have a great sense of humor!

Bravo, Bravo! :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :bouquet:


The first thing I would always do or suggest someone do before deciding how to market is to get an idea of how much a visitor to your website should cost. There are various ways to do that but an easy way to do it quickly is to use the Ubersuggest tool where you can enter your site address or some keywords and you will get suggestions of more keywords and how much they would cost “Per Click” if you were advertising on Google Ads. Below is a screenshot I took of when I searched - Meditation music

Circled in Blue is how many searches for this phrase there is per month
Circled in Red is how much you would pay each time someone would click on your ad.
You can see a variety of related keywords there too but the main one we are looking at would cost approx $2.26 per click.

So, while I would imagine you don’t want to be paying that much, it will give you an idea of how valuable these phrases are. Now that you know this, you know the chances of a $5 gig delivering you hundreds of paying customers is pretty slim. At best, what you would get for that would be random people who don’t necessarily have an interest in your services (at worst a load of bots who do nothing). So the sad news is that unless you spend big money, promoting your site takes consistent work and effort. However, the great thing is that it is possible to have success in boosting your site traffic without spending a lot.

In terms of buying something on Fiverr to promote your site, I would suggest doing so as part of a project rather than hiring someone to do it for you. This would be where you hire a writer to write, a graphic artist or digital artist to create something attractive, video creators and editors etc. Doing so will give you a much more polished piece of content to then use in your promotional efforts.

You have a specific niche, that’s great. If you can establish yourself as a knowledgeable person for these things through social media, YouTube etc then you will gain traction. My suggestion would be that you would focus on forums and Q and A sites to answer queries about meditation, the use of music in meditation and the benefits of using original meditation music etc. With that, I would say regularly post on one or two of the social media channels that most suit your niche - there is no need to engage on them all!
When you engage on these sites and show your expertise in a non selling manner, people will check you out and even more important, trust you.

And that is where Fiverr can help you. When people check you out, what they see will dictate whether their initial assumption of “he seems to know what he’s talking about” is correct. Having content of your own that is good, professional and interesting will capture those people who check you out. That is what I believe is worth spending money on. The great benefit of this is that you can count on it to be long-lasting and not something you have to spend on repeatedly.

Beyond that, I would suggest you check out influencers in the industry, and perhaps discuss getting a shoutout or doing something together - you compose them their own exclusive track etc. This can give a short, sharp burst of visitors to your site or socials, so again, it is vital that what they see is interesting and professional looking.

Note: when going to start using social media and the other things I mentioned above, if you want or need the impact to be immediate then forget about it. You will need to be posting unique content regularly (day, week, month etc) for a considerable time before you see a real impact on traffic. However, the work is worth it because these are real people with a genuine interest in your niche. Now that’s gotta be even better than getting hit for $2.26 every time someone Google’s “meditation music”!


Thank you for these thoughts, it’s very interesting, I’ll reread more times to integrate everything! :pray: :kissing_heart:

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@eoinfinnegan Thanks again, it took me a few days to digest it all.

This led me to some thoughts:

-Could it be interesting to target people who are ready to buy, although the cost is still more expensive and the number of searches low?

or look for cheaper keywords, for example in French:

(note: the free version of Ubersuggest is limited to 3 free searches, unless you delete cookies :shushing_face:)

I would have to test these different possibilities to see the cost / gain ratio.

-Regarding purchases on Fiverr I inquired about different gig of promotions, but all of them seemed to me to be scams or unnecessary (I will send your site address to 400,000 handpicked contacts, I will share your link to my 1 million subscribers, etc …), even dangerous for SEO (I will make 50,000 backlinks to your site, I will publish your link in 200,000 blogs, …)

-As far as refining my promotional content (texts, images, videos, …) it would be a good idea indeed to use Fiverr gig, but being myself creative, for the moment I manage on my own.

-For my reputation as a connoisseur of the field, I already have a monetized Youtube channel and social networks provided (7000+ on Twitter, 1400+ Facebook page), but the idea of the question / answer site is to be developed, although I am not too much on the discussion in general. (except here where I make the effort to give a detailed answer, given the quality of your post!)

EDIT : and I forgot to say that although I have been posting on the internet for 3 years, I have been composing meditation music for over 35 years, but never tried to sell my songs.

-Make an exclusive song for an influencer: a good idea but difficult to find, all of them generally being composers themselves. Inshallah as they say.
As for collaborations to create pieces together, the idea is also good, but I am usually contacted by beginners to shout out them!
I gotta find a way to contact the big guys

-For the painstaking work on social networks, I know, I publish every day since I launched this activity 3 years ago. The counters increase slowly … I use a little tools to automate but nothing beats working by hand.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day :smile: :pray:

EDIT : Other things that reminded me of: Ads on Facebook (targeted on my niche) cost 30 cents per click for USA, UK, Australia and 1 cent per click for India, Asia, Africa. Maybe interesting?

LinkedIn also offers paid ads but that seems very expensive to me.


Really good post @eoinfinnegan

cheaper words, for example in French

Aaah proof that the French are worth less LOL

I have English parents so it is my biological imperative to demean the French, remind them of Agincourt and all that. If we didn’t have the French to demean we would have imploded centuries ago.

It is a good strategy however if able to serve a market that may feel less confident when conversing outside of their language and comfort zone. Not a strategy that can work for all as for example, moi ici en Francaise, tres pauvre je suis un cochon :apple:



No. I do not have a Wix site.

I use HostGator and have the WP thingee installed.

I use a free Live Chat tool, but not sure it is appropriate to give the name here? It has nothing to do with Wix.


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:grin: yes me too I like the English even if they do not know how to cook

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OMG it is on - I call another 100 Years War! I said “In French I am very bad, I am a pig” How dare you accuse me of being a little girl. I don’t even get how I said that which rather proves my point. Ah the hilarity :crazy_face:

Apart from Yorkshire Pudding and Scones with Jam & Cream yes the English are truly terrible at cooking. Even there the French can probably do better.