I want to promote myself


Can anyone please help me giving my answer that actually how can i improve my sale more and more?


It is against forum rules to post a link as a heading so you just need to change this.


Not one of your video gigs is original work.

All of them are videohive templates.

So it’s safe to assume you are also lying about being a designer.


Could you please tell me that How can i delete the post from here I mean fiverr forum?
Please help me dear.


How can I delete my post from fiverr forum?


If you go to the bottom of the post on the right hand side it says show more. You will find a little bin there to delete the post.


ok trying that. Thank you so much for the help you did. I am really grateful to you.

Thanks once again.
Would you mind f I ask you a question?


Only if it is in the public forum.


I yet didn’t get that option to delete my post. Could you please send me a screenshot of that option?


At the bottom of your post beside the word reply you will see 3 dots. Click on that and you will find the bin.


Ya, I did that but there is no been showing


If you want to delete the entire heading and all posts change the title to Delete This Post and a moderator will see it and delete it.


Ok, Trying and letting you know
After posting my post about a few hours later I got a message. It says " System: Post hidden by community flags". And also warned me to revise my post. What do I do now? Please help me dear.
Thank you so much


Actually I didn’t know how to use fiverr forum as I am new here.


When you log onto the forum on the left hand side you will see “Welcome” and underneath that “Community Rules and Guidelines”. Suggest you read this.


ok I must do that but what can i do now with the post I did previously? In almost every post I attached link but now i understand It is not legal in fiverr forum.
In future I will be aware of this fact.
Can’t I delete all my fiverr forum post at a time? Any option my friend?


Maybe you should be a bit more focused on how to delete your illegal gigs instead of trying to delete traces of them.


I think you should help me on the issue i am talking about rather insulting me. I know you are top seller in fiverr but please remember that one day you also were in a position like me.You didn’t grow up in a day.
Please remember that proudness is the cause of destroy.


It’s not really a matter of pride. It’s more than you‘re selling video templates (that don’t belong to you) instead of original work. Are you going to insult people who call you out?


Let’s not totally dismiss “proudness.” Proudness is the creator of many a fine cultural staple. Because of proudness we have:
2000 channels whereas to we ‘need’ four.
Pumpkin flavored, grande, mocha, latte, expense accounts in June.
Michael Mann films.
The existential crisis and the people who love you for it (but what does it even matter?)
24 hour news
Jerry Lewis

Life is better when you’re loud and proud. So soften those voices of reason with the trumpet of your own vanity. Because happiness begins where standard definition ends and the channels are a collage of your own ideas spat back at you…