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I want to rank my gig on first page

here is my gig My Gig

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The only way to get “ranked” on the first page, is to be a great seller, who delivers top-quality work, on time, and work that earns positive reviews. If all you do is spam the buyer request section, and ignor the fact that you need to COMPETE for orders in BR, then you really don’t deserve to be on the first page of the search results. Fiverr is hard work. If you want to be at the top, become successful first.


You are not selling a service, you are selling the same list to everyone :slight_smile: Why would Fiverr promote this on the first page?
Sharing a list of personal information of some people you don’t know is not freelancing. What will the buyer do with those 100 people you have in your list? Why would you add random people to LinkedIn.
I believe you need something completely different to rank a gig on the first page.


Long ago I learn this from forum and now my target is to be a successful seller .And it works as I am getting orders with positive rating .Thanks

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Love your logo :slight_smile: But you should give credit to

Mohamed Achraf

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Obviously that I already gave .Thanks


i will not give same list provide list as per customer requirment ex. if customer want only data of jhonson jhonson company then i will give data of only jhonson and jhonson

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thankyou soo much to motivate me.

It’s good to know more people are interested in symmetry when it comes to logo design.


Thank you so much for share your experience. Go ahead :innocent:

If we want to keep our gig on the 1st page, we have to be patient with hard work, but only then can we reach our desired goal.

No you don’t get to the first page just because you want to and work hard. There are only so many spots on the first page so that isn’t even possible.

You rank high based on merit and capacity for profit.


Thank you for the good suggestion!

Go ahead and do what? I am already a successful seller.