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I want to rank my gig to first page

How can i improve my gig? I am into article writing and i need orders.


I’m into article writing and need orders too. Why should you be on the first page? Are you a better writer than me?


If you can make more earnings for fiverr, you will rank on the first page.

I didn’t say anything about being a better writer sir. I didn’t even compare myself to you or anyone.

Thanks for your contribution anyways.

So why should Fiverr put you on the front page?

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I understand that but you should know that buyers hardly patronize new fiverr sellers. How then will i make more sales? if you know of any way i can move forward as a new seller please share it with me or rather, with us.

On the top right of the forum there is a magnifying glass icon. Click that, copy and paste your question into the box and click return. You will then get a list of the many, many, many answers there have already been to this question.

Read them all.


Please allow me just a little detail for the sake of understanding… :wink:

“Read them ALL”.

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Thanks. I will search the forum now.

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He is saying “we should search the forum for the answers of how to rank a gig”. People already discussed about it in other topics.

Thanks for clarifying, @rating_article. I’m a bit dumb - you must excuse me…

Sometimes I marvel of myself for speaking three languages and having been able to get my electronics engineering degree, and wonder how was that even possible…

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When everything will going smoothly and increase your sells with positive rating your gig will show a little bit higher and that’s going on will help you to …

Fiverr don’t put sellers on the first page manually. I asked a question for those familiar with the algorithm to answer.

You are welcome. I believe you will still achieve more if it’s your wish.

Thank you for contributing.


I suggest you improve your reading comprehension - you will need it. Remember, you have to read ALL what has been written regarding ranking.

By the way, you will also need to improve your writing if you want to get somewhere in the ranking. Don’t think you can game the system.

We ALL want that! Join the club!!


Why should they? New sellers have not earned the right to be on the first page of the search results. Once you start earning orders, reviews, and revenue for Fiverr you might see yourself on the first page. Until then, you haven’t done anything to earn first-page visibility.

None of us know the Fiverr search algorithm, so none of us can provide the answers you seek.

Improving your gig will not give you a place on the first page. It just converts better. First page is for people who sell a lot, have great reviews, great response time, few or no cancellations, and an optimized gig that converts. So once you optimize your gig, go to your next milestone. If want your gig on first page just like that, take a number and join me at the back of the line.

My bad. i must have read it in a hurry. I should have just simply said congratulation. Well, it’s not so late so congrats. As for writing, i don’t think there is a perfect writer but we can always learn to be better so thank you for pointing that out.