I want to refund a client


I deliverd an order 2 months ago.now the client just replay,she said that she dosn’t like the work and want a refund.i’m agree with this.how i can sent her the refund.


Go to the resolution center and cancel.


Speaking as a seller, I maintain a very generous refund policy, but I put a limit of 72 hours from the time of delivery to request a refund. If a client doesn’t ask within that time frame, to quote Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka, “You get nothing!”

But, it has happened once in the past that I’ve had a reason to refund an old order. In that situation, it’s really easy: just contact customer support and ask them.


It never happened to me but I think that asking for a refund after 2 months is just dishonest, although there could be a good reason for that.


Thanks a lot,it’s done.something i can’t understand some buyers,but it’s the first time.


I just afraid of a revenge of the buyer.she can buy a gig just to leave a bad review


It’s very unlikely an unsatisfied buyer would return. If that did happen, I’d just notify Customer Support of potential issues and the order #s for both. You shouldn’t be afraid of someone who is gaming the system…you should make sure the system knows about the gaming.


The forum is so much brighter with gifs and images, isn’t it? Great choice, btw.


Thanks a lot,maybe next time i will try to not be afraid.it’s just my start here on fiverr and a bad review seems like a nightmare


I get you, a bad review early on can really kill your profile. Just remember that you are protected, so if you deliver what you say plus a little extra, all reasonable clients will be pleased. There’s always the scary people, though. If you do get a scary buyer who is being crap, just come to the forum for advice. We all hate bad buyers so we’ll all help you to fight back for a good result!


Thanks a lot,very helpful what you just said,i loveee the forum,i cheak it every night ^^ peace to all of you guys


If it’s about a fear of revenge, I have to agree with emmaki. It is against ToS for buyers to manipulate you that way.


Thanks ^^ you was very helpful