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I want to remove payoneer to my old fiverr and want to add with new fiverr

Hello, suppose i want to delete my fiverr accout and want to create new fiverr account. After deleting the account, if i remove payoneer accout, is it possible to add the old payoneer to my new fiverr account?


If you type “adding a new payoneer account” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which may be helpful to you.

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But, i Don’t want to add new payoneer to my old fiverr. I want add my old payoneer to my new fiverr which payooner was already used to my old fiverr

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Just type “adding old payoneer to new account” in the search bar above.

There are over 50 topics. Take some time to read through them.

As far as I know, You can’t use old used Payoneer in the new account. I hope this helps you.


Are you sure you that Fiverr will not identify your new account like a second account and block it? It can happen, and as we know, it already happened to many people

Creating a new account without Fiverr’s permission would be against the ToS and might get either one or both of your accounts banned.
Also having someone elses picture as your profile image is against the ToS and might get you a warning.