I want to replace a gig



i am offering a gig for video creation, and i had excellent reviews with it, but now i want to stop this work and create a new gig, so i thought about replacing the content of the gig with the new one.

is it okay to do it ? and do i get a good traffic to the new gig ? (because the link won’t be replaced)



if there is anything else that i need to know please tell me


Well, the link will be the same. So the title in the link will be the title of your old gig. I know this because I saw another seller who completely changed professions. First he had a bunch of video gigs, then after building up reviews he changed all of them to SEO gigs. Later he got banned.


Reply to @omniversal: So, it means, that it’s better to leave this gig as it is and create new one.


Reply to @omniversal: maybe someone from the CS could confirm this !


Reply to @imadou: Did you write to them about this issue? I would love to hear their answer. Let us know, if you will get something! Cheers! :wink:


Reply to @volodymyrpro7: it would seem to be better or else you are kind of creating fake reviews for something that isn’t true. The reviews for that gig specifically are for that gig, so to just change the gig to something completely different doesn’t seem right.


Reply to @volodymyrpro7: i have just opened a ticket. when they reoly i will share it with you


@sincere18 is right, all the reviews you have won’t be related to that gig. If you’re just changing it a little, maybe getting rid of a feature or adding something new, that would be okay. But creating an entirely new gig and using the old reviews is dishonest.

If it were me personally I’d either offer less in the regular gig and more in the extras, or simply remove it.


changing title to the gig is not changing the link of gig…it will not make you sale. user coming from google will come to see A thing but when the will reach on fiverr following your link they will see B thing… so dont do that … no benefit in it.


Reply to @imadou: Thanks! Good luck to you! :wink:


Reply to @volodymyrpro7: You’re welcome :slight_smile: Good luck to you too !


Reply to @volodymyrpro7:


the CS said that it’s better to create a new gig because replacing an old one is kind of misleading buyers.