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I want to report a client, how can I do that?

This client ordered me and did not share complete requirements. I asked for requirements the minute he ordered, he replied late and said he does not have hosting, I asked him, if you can’t provide hosting details I cannot deliver in 24 hours, he then said he will give extra time, so I sent him 2 msgs saying please accept my resoution to increase delivery time. Now He replied when 3 hours remaining in delivery time. He now sends new domain but yet again hosting details missing.
I said okay and asked him to allow me time, but when only 40 minutes were remaining he asked me to cancel the order.
I again said why Sir? I am available for delivery just give me complete requirements.

But I cancelled it because I was afraid that he will give negative review, I mentioned everything even that he did not accpeted in time and now my complettion rate is decreased to 67%

the whole time client replied late and late.

What should I do? Is this fair?

1st I am not getting orders after being on 1st page on specific keywords, I send buyer request daily but no answer.

How is fiverr good for freelancer like me, a newbie?


You need to have hosting of your own to put clients sites on. It’s not expensive.

There is no reason to insist your clients have hosting. Anyone selling websites needs to have their own hosting to have a client’s site on and then charge extra if they want it delivered to their own site.

Give them a free month of hosting.

Your delivery can be sending him the files and the URL of their new site along with a month of C Panel login.


Yes But he said he will buy hosting from godaddy in the morning. He said he will extra time and hosting, I agreed to both things.

It doesn’t matter what he does or says if you do what I said. Sorry but this is a failure on your part to not provide adequate service to your clients.

I’ve sold websites. I had a hosting service and gave my clients a month of C Panel access to the sites I sold them.

You cannot depend on your client to provide hosting. You need to offer that.

You need to provide a complete working site on your own hosting, complete with Cpanel access for your client. It’s not going to work the way you are doing it as you found out.

Then they can pay extra to have you migrate the site to their hosting if they want that.


But it is not mentioned in my gig and I have clearly mentioned in my gig requirement that client needs to provide hosting. How can that be failure at my side, if he fails to provide complete requirement?
If that is the case then what is purpose of gig?

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I told you how to do it but I see it wasn’t appreciated. Good luck doing it your way.

There is nothing wrong with the way I described it and it’s going to save you from more of this situation. You are not doing it in a professional way, sorry to say that but it’s true.

It isn’t your clients fault. He is not the professional here, YOU are supposed to be the professional. How can anyone make a website to sell to someone and demand they get their own hosting? These people are not familiar with how this works and it’s up to you to provide what they need.

I’ve described this before recently to someone else in the same situation as you are in.

I realize you say in your gig they need their own hosting but you will keep having this problem unless you change that.