I want to reset my account


Hello anyone here to help me. I have an account that a buyer left me with 4.4 stars, since then I have not been able to use buyer request page. Any ideal how I can reset my account and get back to normal so that I will be able to bid for job in the buyer’s request page. The account is more than a year now. Thank you


I think you need to contact support regarding the reset the account.


contact fiverr customer support they will help you…


same problem!!!

How can we solve the problem??

Please help anyone…


check from below link…



Although, you should ask support about this, but, you have multiple accounts?


I don’t think there is way to reset the account, The best possible way to know is to contact CS. :slight_smile:

Best of luck.


You cannot ‘reset’ your account. Unfortunately, you have to try to get your rating back up on this existing account in order to regain the ability to see Buyers Requests. If you are asking if customer service would just wipe this account or your ratings so that you do not have this poor rating showing, that is not going to occur. Only thing you can do at this point in order to get orders is outside advertising of your Gig until you can use the Buyers Request option.



You can’t reset the account - you can ask CS to close this existing account and open a new one for you, but you must do it through CS or you could get into bother.


You should contact to customer support they will guide may be they regenerate this account and be on fiverr again have fun All the best…:slight_smile:


Thanks to both of you


You have to close this account using cs guidelines and open a new account.