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I want to revive my Fiverr profile after a few negative reviews

I have been on Fiverr for well over a year. Around 6 months ago, my FT job became very busy and I lost track of my gigs here. I had 4 (I believe) projects that went unfilled and were cancelled before I realized what happened. Now, when my profile gets viewed, the first reviews one would see are the negative ones from those cancellations.
I have contacted previous clients to explain I am back and moving forward. However, I heard nothing, which leads me to believe I may have lost my client base. So, I am in the process of re-doing my gigs for a more specialized direction - something I considered doing anyway. At this point, I have an 87% rating so I can’t yet submit offers to buyers looking for services. I have tried promoting using LinkedIn, but it’s not working/connecting. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Overall, it sounds like you’re on the right track. Having to resort to self-promotion due to something like this is the best path that you can take. I would suggest trying your best to get back on track with those clients, apologize again, but after a second go, just leave it.

You can still reply to negative reviews, right? Explain under those negative reviews that you were away for a while, forgot to put on vacation mode, and that you returned and want to redeem yourself.

Also, the utilization of Google+ can be more important than you know! I’ve joined a few groups linked to Fiverr there, and they allow you to post your Gigs, giving you views that will at least boost your pagerank.

Oh yeah, SPEAKING of pagerank, you can increase that pretty easily. It goes off of the number of reviews receive, the number of clicks and views, and the number of favourites on your Gig. If all else fails, try to increase your pagerank on the niche (search term) that you occupy.