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I want to sell my first gig

Hello there,
I am Deesha Anwar. I am new on
I badly want to sell my first gig.
If anyone can help me about selling my first gig.
Requesting for helping me.


We cannot help you earn sales. You will have to do that on your own with hard work, creative eye-catching gig presentation, and your own marketing and promotion.

Just like any business, capture the attention of your target market, and, if they are looking for the unique services that you offer, that may choose to place an order. You can “badly want to sell your first gig” all you want, but if you aren’t taking any productive steps to help that happen, then you may be sitting back and waiting indefinitely.

There are no easy sales here on Fiverr. Daily hard work is required.


@jonbaas Is correct
hardwork and patient is the key to success


I am really sorry to say help me for selling.

hey!do we need paypal or other master card before doing gigs?

try and will be successful.

You will need some sort of funding source. Fiverr offers a number of options that might work for you.

I am able to give the fund but I need work.
Can you help me?

What are you doing to help yourself? This is your business, you cannot rely on others to make it a success. Since you’re not offering Tips for Sellers… Your post was moved to Improve My Gig.


Take on board the previous suggestions, read the forum for tips and the will show you how to become a successful seller on Fiverr.

@nikavoice is right, I – or we on his forum – cannot help you get work. You need to do that on your own. You need to build your own success through hard work, and, perhaps even trial and error.


Dear, I just want to know how could I sell my first gig.
That’s all.
Nothing others.

Thanks jonbaas.
I like to do it.
Again thanks to you.

i am new to,please how can i boost my reach out to the audience so that my product can sell better?

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Welcome to
You have to share your gig via social media to boost and get response from buyer and you can sell much better.