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I want to share my gig video but picture showing instead?

Someone please help, i’m trying to directly share my gig video onto other social media to promote my gig but when i share the gig page URL it allways shows one of my uploaded pictures? Is there an easy way to share outside of Fiverr so my gig video shows instead of the picture…? Please someon help?

I’m not sure how to do that outside of actually uploading the video directly. Sharing the gig link with video doesn’t seem to be supported as far as I can see.

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Hello! Your video might not be playing because of the file format you are using. Changing the format might work. Also it doesn’t seem that dragging and dropping a picture or video seems to work. If that’s what you were doing then just get it directly from your computer. Hope I helped.

Mod Note: Your link to an irrelevant gig has been removed.

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Thanks guys, that does help. I thought perhaps i was doing something wrong. I was thinkingperhaps i would hev to upload it directly and then jut put the gig link in the comments.
Would be good if Fiver did add this facility as they do say promotin your gig with video increase sales and would obviously promote Fiverr more!!