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I want to share my problem

hi my friends and fiverr community i have a problem i want to share with you and if you have any solution please tell me. I have a client of t-shirt gig and he palce me order without any requirements when i ask about requirement he tell me about 5 designs of shirts now when i ask about next requirements if design he did not replay me and i was show 5 design that i make he like it but not talk about next 5 designs total are 10 and order’s time left only 3 days i am worried about it .

As I am seeing it, none of your packages contain either 5 or 10 designs in your T-shirt gig. If the buyer placed an order for a package, you are not expected to deliver more designs than what is stated in the gig description.

Also, offering unlimited revisions is only asking for trouble.


my dear my when he tells me about his designs when i ask him your designs are difficult and in my premium package 60 design(typography)in 60$ then he said to me sent me offer then you make 10 design in 60 $ then i did

Then ask for a deadline extension through the resolution center. And in future projects, never start an order until you know every single detail.


thank you so much for suggestion