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I want to share

I want to share my gig in fiverr forum. So I want to know, is it legal/illegal?


It cannot be shared on Fiber Forum… but share your social media…

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Just like any platform, I suggest you read the Terms of Services to see what is allowed and what isn’t.

You are allowed to share your gig on the forum, but only in one place. I’m not going to tell you where it is though. I want you to be self-reliant and find this information on your own. If you want it bad enough you will succeed in finding it. :slight_smile:


Fine, I’ll tell you. You can post links to your gig in the “My Fiverr Gig” section on the forum.

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Thank you my dear friend,
I am a new user so I have little knowledge about fiverr but I am a professional graphics designer. I need help to get order.

You can be flagged for sharing your gig profile on the Fiverr Forum to advertise it, BUT if you are needing help with something that requires looking at your profile, then you can add the link in the post!

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From: Community Standards & Forum Rules - 2020

You can ask community help/suggetions on Improve My Gig sections.

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Yes, you can share. Here have a subcategory called “my fiverr gig”. You can post in this category.

But, mind it, when you share your gig, don’t share just the link. Try to explain by a article, what is your service, why client will buy service from you. If you writing well, then any buyer can visit your gig to buy service.

This is a community forum. Buyer and sellers both stay in here.
Best of luck
Happy freelancing

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Thank you so much my dear friend.