I want to Sort My Own Gigs


In the “manage my gigs” page for sellers we can see all our gig stats… but I can’t just sort them by impressions, clicks, views, income generated… or anything…

I would love that


It’s true… I see they’ve updated the look and feel of the back end recently… I’m hoping some more analytics are on the horizon too!


Nope, can’t even sort them into any kind of creative categories in your actual profile page which is just silly. Maybe one day… some day… but on a plus side, in the “my gigs” page if you hover the mouse over a particular gig where it shows the order count, you can see exactly how much you made for it. Unfortunately it shows the over-all earnings, not the monthly. At least the order counts thing is kind of helpful to give you better insight into how you’re doing over-all.