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I want to start online counselling. Can I share my phone no or zoom link?

Does fiverr allow sharing my phone no or zoom call link to run career counselling service?


You Can’t share zoom link or phone namber when bayar want to talk with you about your project.:heart::heart::heart:


By the way welcome to fiverr forum.

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Hi there,

No…, You can’t share your phone link.
and if you want to zoom link, better to ask CS Permissions first about this matter.

Fiverr TOS said:
“” All communication must go through Fiverr""

Better to play safe, otherwise you will risk your account and got banned.


What is the procedure to share the zoom link through fiverr coz without zoom chat or any other video chat I can not do the counselling

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What is the procedure to share the zoom link through fiverr coz without zoom chat or any other video chat I can not do the counselling. How to get CS permission? Whom to contact?

You can’t use communications outside of Fiver, you’ll get your account removed if you do. And no offense, but I don’t think very many people would want to get counselling through fiver. The whole idea of it makes uncomfortable to be honest with you.


But sir, Fiverr has the counselling category of services and it is a big draw in services sector?

Welcome to fiverr…you can not share you phone no.

Suggest you contact Customer Support for permission.

Here is the link:

Thanks for the link. I am putting my request to allow sharing the video call link


you can’t share your phone number.

Yes, it does, but have you seen how many customers those people who do counselling on here actually get? Very little! I did the research (as you should have done) and most of the proclaimed counsellors have only gotten one or two jobs in two or more years. Just because there is category for it, doesn’t mean it is GOOD idea. Counselling requires a lot more than what gets offered here. In fact it scares me that a lot of you who claim expertise, have jumped from design work into mental health. The idea that there is unqualified people offering mental health services on here is just terrible.
Lastly, my name is Abigail, I am a woman and not a Sir!


welcome…bt you can’t share your phone no…

Everyone, please stop repeating previous posts!

This has been solved!


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Also, it’s wrong. You can. Many do. There’s just a certain set of rules to it if you want to avoid getting banned.

Wrong as well. How do I know? Because I do communicate outside of Fiverr with other Fiverr users. I get Spanish lessons from another seller and also provide consulting for web scraping projects.
Yes, I asked CS for permission.

No, you didn’t. Type the name of any well known chat application into the search bar and let me know what you see.

It’s a very tricky topic as you can see. Explain your situation and what you want to do to CS and ask what you need to do to not get banned.
They’ll get back to you eventually, however it might currently take a few weeks.

Go and have a look at ‘counsellors’ on here and they get very little work. All of that is by the by because this person is NOT qualified to deal with a person’s mental health.

His qualification is not yours to judge.
While typing this I notice that I judged your quality of research about counselors depending on something else, which is in turn not mine to judge.
However, after typing in counselor, counseling and a few other related terms I saw quite a few people who seem to be slightly successful with their gigs, sooo… Also, it’s the opposite of competitive I would say which is good I think. I mean, I get most of my sales from search terms with 20-300 competing gigs and somehow got to level 2 after the minimum amount of time…

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If you want an argument, I suggest facebook, you wont get one here from me. And if you think it is ok for someone who has NO mental health training to talk to desperate/hurt people. Then I don’t know what to say to you. Please don’t contact me anymore.