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I want to submit my fiverr gig to another market place

If I exctly submit my Fiverr gig to another marketplace then Fiverr take it as a spam? I am the author of all gig that I want to submit to the different marketplace.

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What do you mean to different marketplace …
Do you mean to another Platform rather than Fiverr…

yes…but is it legal?

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There is no mechanism to migrate/integrate a Fiverr gig somewhere else.

Fiverr wouldn’t make that possible because then people would abuse their system.

It is a question of policy, not law.

If you want to do similar work somewhere else that is fine, but you can’t transfer reviews or work because those are only for Fiverr and you need to respect your buyers. That indeed would be a breach of Fiverr ToS.

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Thanks, #humanissocial for your valuable tips.