I want to team up with few virtual assistants to connect with me with whom I can share and divide my tasks out of my forte


I love team work. Here I’m to make an team of passionate virtual assistants.
With them I can share work or I can refer them directly to buyers for task list out of my forte.
Does this sound little different but good to work as win win.
no cost factor. Just reference to each other making good selling and buying option.

I’ll add you as in team account and you can add me team account
Please comment if this make sense to network! :slight_smile:

Mod Note: Anyone considering using the Team Account Feature should be aware that it simply allows people to buy services on Fiverr using a shared amount. It is aimed at businesses with multiple employees who use company funds to make purchases.
I don’t see any reason why sellers who choose to refer work to each other would need to have team accounts.
I would also suggest being careful about being on Team Accounts and subsequently buying from or selling to those same people. It would look suspicious.


I apologize for the off-topic, but: please remove your Instagram username from your profile description. Sharing personal contact information like that is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and could get you banned.


I also interest to virtual assistants work as a group.


Is this you are talking about
I would like to introduce my social portfolio follow on insta"

I mentioned because handling social media marketing for business accounts. So I put on as portfolio example
If this is wrong then I ask fiverr staff
Thanks for update


No need to ask Fiverr staff - @catwriter told you very nicely that it would be a good idea to remove it as it’s against ToS.

If Fiverr staff see it, they may suspend or shut your account.


oh my goodness
Thanks I’ll do


Hi @latif744

share something about you are good at!


Themamtasethi see my profile and gig .
Thank u.