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I want to to rewrite everything - Awfully

I think I may be about to take advantage of the blind review system to leave a scathing 1-star review of a buyer. The order is still in progress but… My God, it’s just a mess.

The buyer is a non-native English speaker who has ordered a home page and about page for their website. They are also a repeat buyer who I provided exactly the same work for 3-months ago. The original order included intensive keyword research and was (in my opinion) expertly curated to their needs.

Since then, they have seemingly engaged with several other writers to get the same job done, replacing their content every time. And it’s a mess.

Long-running sentences, irrelevant information, disclaimers everywhere saying what the business in question doesn’t do. The buyer has pretty much sent me a ton of all their past content to use for reference. Sadly, it all reads like a 3-year old wrote it.

Anyway, I work my magic and send through their delivery. Then comes a revision request. In this, the buyer has highlighted words they want replacing, disclaimers they want adding, and chunks of long-winded text which repeat the same (what they think are catchy sales pitches) over and over.

In short, they want we to rewrite everything like a long-winded, boring Wikipedia article. They even want a staggering 50-word headline for their homepage title.

They might as well just shoot their website. In this case, I’m really lost for words as to why some people order on Fiverr.

Anyway, I just wanted to rant.


My question is… why don’t they just write it themselves at this point? They seem to know better than the experts. It drives me bonkers when buyers do this. I just don’t see the rationale behind it. Go figure!



On their last order, I delivered content which scored a geen light on Yoast for readability and SEO. I also sourced several low competition keywords specific to their exact location. (Important as they are targeting a local area).

I explained when they asked for revisions then that what they wanted would be counter to SEO. Now they have just made things worse by chopping and changing their content at least every month.

As it is, they now want me to use keywords they have come up with. There is also no way that I can get their content to score well in Yoast. No doubt, though, they will move on from me onto another buyer to see what they can do.

I have had a few clients like this one!
Most of the time I manage to convince them that the way they want me to work is not the good one.
But sometimes, I can’t because they think that the 5-minute SEO course they have viewed on Youtube makes then a SEO expert!
Here is a copy of a 1-star review I left to one of them:
I was obliged to change the listing following her comments. I told her that this is nore good nore useful. But she insisted to have these changes. Results: bad readability and keyword stuffing (that I usually don’t deliver). I recommend her to find a non professional seller for her future listings.
I think that your order will finish with this kind of review!