I want to uprising my price, How to inform our existing customers if they can get the old price?


Hello dear friend.

I want to ask something based on your experience.
I am starting in fiverr selling some service for a very low price, to build some reputation first.

And since now praise God I have some existing based customer that is satisfied with my service, I want to raise my service cost to bring my service into one step level up.

The thing is, when I change the price I want my existing customer to know that they can get the same old price. I called this special treatment for existing customer who had help me when I was nothing.

So based on your experience what is the best method to inform our current existing customer that they can order again using the old price?
As we know we can’t just broadcast or sending them unsolicited message because this is against fiverr term and service.

For example if I have 100 existing buyer that is repeatedly buying my service, how can I inform them that if they purchase my gig again, they will get the same old price not the one I just change.

Please advise if you have some experience like this
Thank you in advance for your help my friend.

Gunawan Guan


You do not give your old customers a better price, If your work is really worth the new rate then everybody needs to pay it. Don’t play games and don’t worry about old sellers dropping off if they don’t want to pay the higher rate. Just focus on growth. But most of all be fair and honest.


newsmike is right. Do not give old customers the same old price.

You should have enough confidence in getting enough new buyers when you raise your price. If you feel you have to keep your price low for old customers then you are not ready to raise your prices.


Sorry I’m not really understand what do you mean by “you don’t give your old customers a better price” ?

By letting them having the old price I think I already gave them the best price and that is thr part of my service to them to repay what they have done to me, that they support me when I was a little.

Sorry if I’m not clear to what you mean my friend @newsmike


They did not “support” you, they purchased your gig because they wanted to buy it, not to help you.

This is not a charity. This is business. You have something people want to buy so they buy it.


Ohh I see.
I understand now, so I need to have more confidence to use my new price even it through my existing customer?


If I hired you for $10 and then found out that you were sneaking other buyers the same for $5, I would give you a 1 star rating for bring dishonest. When you go to Starbucks do you want to spend $4 for a coffee and find that the managers friends get it for $1?

This is a business. You have to be an adult and not be afraid to tell folks that based on demand you are raising prices.


Yes this is make sense.
I think I have a wrong perspective all this time.

I think by selling at very low cost, they purchase and gave me good review it means they helped me out to build my career here.

Now I understand the problem is in myself that I lack of confidence.
Thanks @misscrystal for reminding me of this thing.


Yes I understand now my friend.
That is a good samples.

Sorry that I don’t understand what you mean in the beginning.


You have over 3700 reviews!

Yes raise your prices and keep them the same for everyone!

You have more reviews than I have in a shorter period of time so do not be afraid of losing old customers. You have earned the right to raise your prices.


You offer 5 banners for only $5? Wow that’s incredible.

That is much to low. With your great record of so many good reviews you can charge $10 for only one banner.

Realize most of your customers are probably in Western countries, and we have much different standards for what we expect to pay.
We would feel $10 for one banner would be ridiculously cheap.


No problem. I want you to gain confidence and grow. We all offered $5 services at the beginning to get reviews and grow in levels. Now if you are good at what you do, start raising your prices. I now charge 4 times what I originally did and am raising prices again soon. You want to outgrow the $5 order. Yes they were nice, but just customers, if they valued you they will buy at $10, if not lots more will pay the higher rate. And remember @misscrystal is always right.


And you are extremely intelligent.


Not to create a mutual admiration society, but you are without a doubt the most patient, nicest TRS who tirelessly helps everyone from mek-sells to those who just need to vent. I hope you know that you are one of the real backbones of this place. You also seem to find something nice in everyone, even me. :hearts:


Yes I think I have to think like some western people think.
Cause this $5 if it in my country it is a big amount LOL like with this $5 we can get an expensive and delicious food.

That’s why I think $5 is a little bit too expensive for a header service that’s why I made it $5 for 5 header.

Thanks for reminding me @misscrystal


I pay $5 for a cup of coffee with the tip of $1. It is nothing to us.
coffee is $4 + $1 tip = $5


I have see some other forum to learn and Yes I found @misscrystal almost there to help other people.

Nice to have you in this growth community my friend.
And thanks to you too @newsmike to help me out of my standard box thinking method


I’m going to offer a different perspective on this because it’s something I have personally tried and it worked for me. The first time I raise my prices on a gig I had a small group of regular buyers that were used to my original price. For personal and strategic reasons, I felt that it was best to let them transition slowly.

I sent my regulars a notice before I changed my prices and told them that they were welcome to order again before the date that I planned the chance. I also told them that if they ordered again within 30 days from the change and reminded me with the tag “REGULAR-COUPON,” that I would honor the original price for the 30 days. Coupons are an established business strategy so it helped me avoid the issue of new buyers paying a new price.

My regulars were really happy about the advance notice, even more than the “coupon phrase” and one even tipped me just for telling him. Not one tried to get me to sell at the old price after the 30 day grace period. I’m not sorry that I did it, some of those buyers were with me for another year after that. I still wouldn’t be surprised to hear from one of them again. That was my own way of giving old buyers respect and thanks but still moving forward. I’m not saying it would work for everyone, but it did for me.


I think its brilliant because it addressed your need but also communicate to everyone what you limits were. Nicely done. I was worried that OP was going to feel indentured to work cheaply forever.


I raised mine to get rid of all the $5 buyers and let the chips fall where they may. I still have some old buyers at the new prices but have found a lot of new buyers who are attracted by the higher prices.

For every old $5 buyer there is a new $50 buyer.